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Courses for Teachers

Course Feedback

Teaching for Metacognition

“My staff rated Michael’s course the most useful PD in the past five years.”


Teaching Musical Skill

“Awesome! Well presented, great strategies for motivating students, and effective practice strategies. So interesting with lots of research-based ideas directly relevant to my teaching. Thank you!”

Growth Mindset

“Fantastic! Thought-provoking for teaching at all levels from beginner to advanced.”

“Very interesting, clear and important points. Lots of practical advice. Real food for thought.”

Courses for Students

Course Feedback

Learning Excellence

“A fantastic opportunity for our students to feel empowered and take control of their learning.”

“This was exactly what the students needed at the start of their A levels. The course got them thinking about how they work and can make best use of their time to succeed at their goals.”

Developing Musical Skill

“My students’ performance in their first lesson after Michael Griffin’s course, was noticeably better!”

“Since Michael’s course, the music staff have all reported valuable and positive conversations with their students.”


Michael Griffin is an educator, keynote speaker, author and pianist. He provides professional development services for education and business organisations, and enrichment lectures for students and parents in Australia and around the world.

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