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Learning Excellence

Learning Excellence explores the known factors that lead to exceptional learning.


A good deal of evidence suggests that becoming excellent in something is in the reach of so-called ordinary people who have the motivation, the learning and practice behaviours, the time, and the character, including a determined persistence, to see it through. Presented in a student-friendly manner, this course will assist students to be proactive in their pursuit of improvement.

Participants will learn 

  • How people get good at things. 
  • Intrinsic motivation; goals. 
  • Learning and the brain. 
  • How to make your brain smarter. 
  • The neuroscience of repetition. 
  • The magic of myelin. 
  • Problems with repetition, how to avoid them, and more effective was to  repeat. 
  • The power of slow for skill development. 
  • Only practise on the days that you eat. 
  • The quantity of effort. 
  • Sleep learning: If you (don’t) snooze – you lose! 
  • The extraordinary power of mindsets and the curious thing about talent

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