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Developing Musical Skill

Developing Musical Skill, an online course for music students and teachers, will improve performance, practice and organisational skills. Consisting of nine videos and 35 activities, each unit comprises an interactive video tutorial, supporting activities and additional resources.

The internal drive that underpins choices, decisions, and music practice, relies on the greatest of all motivators – making progress. When students lack progress, they likely quit. For musical progress, nothing is as important as the quality and the quantity of practice time. This course will equip students, teachers, adult learners, and parents with the methods and mindset required to maximise the prospect of learning music enjoyably and successfully.

Control your time constraints with self-paced online-on-demand learning. Access anytime, anywhere. Seamless in design, simple to navigate, quality content.

Purchase single-user access to this course via the registration link. Credit card details required, or schools can email for an invoice. For group discounts and site licences, please contact Michael Griffin.